No nice guys exist anymore?

Read this article, tell me what you think. Please read the article before commenting, as the title is somewhat "misleading".


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  • I really like that article, for once, it's a woman taking responsibility about her dating choice: instead of saying "why are all guys douchebags?", she's instead asking herself "what am I doing wrong that causes me to attract those type of men?"

    I absolutely hate the term "nice guy" because often many men who claim to be that do nice things, but expect those nice things with some expectation for sex. Then they get mad at women for reciprocating. If the man was truly nice, he would do those things with absolutely zero expectations and for self-satisfaction, not as some kind of pseudo-monetary transaction.

    With that out of the way, there are still good men. Some good men just decided to wait until after they got a career to get into the dating scene. Some of us (myself included) are jaded because of past experiences with dating and relationships. I think with bad experiences comes lack of initiative and willingness to try again. As men we have to be partially insane (kind of kidding): the lady quoted the definition of insanity as doing something over and over again expecting different results. That's exactly what dating is for men; we literally have to try over and over and over again until at least a woman is interested in us, and usually then it doesn't work because we're not mind readers. If you're a good man who's had particularly bad past experiences with it, why would anyone to try to keep going if it's just going to end up terribly?

  • I dislike the category of "nice guy" for the same reasons as Michael6084. However great guys are for from being extinct.

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