Girls are starting to make me angry, im starting to generalize all girls/women. Can you guys give me hope and change my opinion?

(Sorry this is going to be a kinda rant)

The final straw was when I took the courage to approach a girl who works at bowling. I was a bit nervous, before hand because i think we both new we were intended for a relationship because her friend who also works their tried to match us up. After my bowling session i was told i should go talk to her i was contemplating it but I did it, I talked to her, kept conversation even though i may have errrrrd and stumbled on words she would smile I didn't know if she thought i was sweet or she felt awkward or felt funny about the situation. I asked her for a number she said she not allowed to give it out and asked me to give my number to her friend. I didn't receive text nm I added her on Facebook she accepted while she was working which made me think she was talking B S about not being able to give her number out, because she was on her phone on Facebook while at work. She probably just accepted it out of pity. I sent her 2 messages on fbook spaced over time no response and it says seen. I go bowling today she was there she was by the changing of shoes i go there and then she turns around and walks away and her friend/colleague starts smiling at me or rather trying not to laugh at me so i just fuckin gave her a big smile and she started laughing I put 2 and 2 together and thught to myself even b4 she laughed o they were talking about me. That got me so angry.

So that was my first real approach type thing but i have messaged other girls just saying hi, hello, how are you no response from these girls one of these girls were in my class I called this other girl ring ring ring no answer, message no answer. The same is happening to this other girl, This girl was going out with a guy and she finds out he had been cheating on her not 1 not twice not even 3 times but several over a long time period she still wants to go out with him.

Im just getting pissed of with girls can anyone relate. Am I insane?


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  • Sound like a couple of girls being immature bitches. Just ignore them. If they want to talk to you then let them come to you. Otherwise, they're dead to you.

    • This sums it up perfectly. You shouldn't give up, because even attractive and amazing people get rejected here and there. She just wasn't the girl for you. Doesn't mean the girl for you isn't out there.

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  • No you're not insane, you just happen to meet some unpleasing girls. You have to note that some girls don't bother talking to guys they don't find attractive. You were unfortunately met those kind of girls.

  • Well those horrible girls you have encountered in life don't speak for the REST of us.


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  • Op this happens all the time. Don't sweat it. You are nothing to her. Move on to the next one. They don't care about your efforts so give zero of it.

  • Welcome to the dating game. :)

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