Girl has got me so confused?

I recently took this girl on a date last Wednesday. The date went as well as I could of hoped, she was laughing, playing with her hair, touching me and after the date we held hands and kissed. She text me straight after we finished and said thanks I had a great night etc ... Then on Friday she asked me when we were going to mini golf (something we discussed during the date). I text her and she said she was pretty busy this week but she would see if she could rearrange some stuff so we could go, I suggested possibly next Saturday if she couldn't re arrange. I'm slightly confused as she hasn't text back yet, she's not the fastest at replying as she's always busy but this has been 3 days. I do think she is interested but maybe playing the waiting game? I would like to hear some other opinions on what you guys/girls think?


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  • Like she said she maybe busy. I'm not her so I don't know her intentions but being a girl she may be seeing if you are really interested in her by making you go crazy wondering why she hasn't responded. It's what girls do haha. Maybe text her and ask her about it just say something like, "Hey I know you've been busy these past couple of days but I wanted to know if you're still up for mini golf? Let me know :)" Girls love when boys text first. Just check up on her maybe she'll have a reasonable excuse as to why she hasn't responded.


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