Girls/young women, does a young guys hair/lack thereof make or break his attractiveness for you?

we get bombarded with axe commercials saying hair is everything, there are a lot of pretty boy types that spend almost as much time on their hair as women now but I want to know if it really matters, I mean I understand if its unkept and looks dirty etc, but my reason for asking is I'm a 19 year old who about a year ago develped a scalp condition where my hair thinned, top sides everywhere looked bad, I shaved it to the skin, not really any other options, I pull it off okay, I'm not jacked or a model but face and head shape work etc. and after an initial panic over the loss I used to it and didn't care. I shave my head I stand out so what? but after reading countless posts on the internet about guys who lost hair young saying you can forget about attractive women the same age now (keep in mind what they said not I) saying they used to get all the girls now get none, that really kills my confidence, I've never had a serious girlfriend or anything close to it really (I lived in a small town with very few options), and marriage young was a big goal of mine, and I admit that looks factor in, I have decent standards-we need to find a person attractive before we can open the door to something more serious I understand women think the same as well and can respect that. But it seems hard to believe to me that just because I don't have hair uptop that girls will usually write me off (as far as a date anyway) So young ladies, is hair that important that it kills a guy's attractiveness if he has none? Have you ever thought a guy with a shaved head was attractive (please don't use celebirty examples) and do you think that with no hair at this age it will make dating or attacting girls much more difficult? Or are those guys who wrote on other forums about how no hair killed their chances just sad people who want to complain about crap on the internet and blame everything on some cosmetic 'flaw'?

  • I don't mind a guy with a shaved bald head, I could find one attractive or date one
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  • Sorry my guy has to have some hair, it would be difficult for me to date a shaved bald guy
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  • Honestly, I prefer either a full head of great hair or bald. It's that middle ground of thin, unkept, scraggly hair that's unattractive for me. But either of the extremes look great! :)


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