I asked him what he thinks of me and he said I'm a cool girl and likes hanging out with me.. does he like me?

Weve been out on a few dates, hangout and hooked up. He drunk texts me a lot, even when he was on vacation. Does he have feelings for me? or just about the sex


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  • as far as i understand, you are friends with benefits. He won't really like you for who you are, but for what you offer him. It seems that you got kinda attached to him and started liking him and wanting him to like you back. But you are missing the fact that you are JUST USING each other for your own sexual pleasure and that's it. He won't like you for who you are because of the only fact of you being his friend with benefit, he will just sweet talk you everytime but in the end of the day he most probably just wants sex from you and maybe to be spending time with you.

    Every guy is different so i might be wrong, and he might as well have developed feelings for you (you never know). But what i explained to you is how many of us guys think about this stuff.


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