How to stop love someone who I think I love?

I think I love my girlfriend or I will love her if our relationship countinue, I'm not ready for it and can't handle love. Don't know how it works! was only in short time and one night stands. And now love comes without any alert!


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  • She's your girlfriend, love her.

    • Then how I can break up with her? Don't want hurt her and myself.

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    • if you love her, why are you thinking of breaking up? ... *that logic

    • @haha1234 Don't know why maybe get bored someday or she find something like cheating from me and wanted to break up.

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  • What do you mean you're not ready for it?
    I fail to understand your thought pattern.
    Are you scared to be emotionally invested in her?

    • Yes scared and don't know how to handle love.

    • What if by avoiding it you will miss something that has a good potential?
      Be courageous and take a chance even if it ends up blowing up in your face.
      Otherwise, what's the point?
      They say that it's always better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven't done.
      Give it a chance and don't be a coward.

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  • Well let me tell you that you cannot just stop loving someone. Love is not simple, easy to handle, or easy to figure out. If she is your girlfriend already, talk to her about how you are feeling and your thoughts. Nobody has a true idea of ho love works, its different for everyone. Seriously talk with your girlfriend about it.

  • Even as a guy, i would consider you a major dickhead. Why are you even in a relationship if you are not sure if you love someone or not. Many girls have been destroyed after relationships like this. I know a girl, i like her a lot, but she's too afraid to get in a relationship and doest trust guys completely anymore. Guys like you are making it hard for the rest of us. Dont get in a freakin relationship if you aren't sure about it. -_- What do you mean you "will " love her? you dont love her yet? she's YOUR GIRLFRIEND. WHAT THE HELL MAN?

    • I lied to girls many times about how much I love them to get sex had bad history of being a player. But this time I think its real not faked I have feelings for her but don't know what is it. It could be love or something else but its especial.

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    • Oh sorry old me spoke like that not me right now.

    • Dude just break up with her. I know your type. You guys aren't going to last. old you or not. its still you.

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