How many times do you need to be asked out before you say yes or no?

. In your experience How many times do you need to be asked I out before you say yes if you're intersted or no if you're not intersted ?

once twice three times four times.....?


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  • If I like her I'd accept the first time. If I don't, I'll decline every time.
    Why would I say no if I like her, risking that she'll never ask me again?

    • You wouldn't which is good but some people do out of nervousness or mistrust or games etc.

      Amd I wasn't thinking you'd say no and theyd keep asking I was thinking of not answering. I doubt many people would ask more than once if someone said no:)

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  • The most I would try to ask a girl out on a date would be three. After that she is clearly not interested

    • Thanks for the information:) but I'm asking how many times don do YOU need to be asked out before you Answer?

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    • But if after one I was not interested I would let her know for sure

    • Thays a really Good at tidier on both counts. :-)

  • Once? For what it's worth, it's how often I would ask.

  • I have had asked so many times, though couldn't succeed.


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  • Once. If I said no, I meant no, why would I lie?

    • It's not lying if you don't answer. its only lying if you answer falsely... as for why it might take more thsn once. I guess Sometimes orople need time to think or whatever.

    • Oh I guess so, but I usually know my answer right away. If I'm not head over heels for someone, I probably won't bother to date them. :) but you're right, some people do need time to think about it