Will I look desperate if I do this?

To make a long story short, I went to an event last month. A guy there found me cute, but was too shy to approach me so he asked my friend for my number. My friend didn't give it to him, as she said it was better he approached me himself and asked for it. She said he could come to our next event and talk to me there. She only told me this after he had left the event.

4 weeks later, my friend said the guy and his friend (who is from the group too) might come. Time went by and as it was quite crowded, I didn't notice that the guy was there too. Apparently he had been 'following us' according to one of the girls in the group. However, after a while he disappeared and I didn't see him again.

Anyway, I assumed that he had come there to see me because 1.) how would he know about the event ? 2) one of the girls said that a 'hot' guy (him) was following us 3). he had asked for my number at the last event.

Should I contact his friend and give him my number or would that be wrong?


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  • Maybe have your friend point him out and then go talk to him? He is obviously interested :)

    • Do you think he sounds interested? I mean.. is it a coincidence that he turned up at this event too or was he there because of me?

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    • Let's hope so :)

    • Good luck and hopefully he treats you right :)

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  • Maybe you should approach him yourself next time :)

    • True.. but then again, I doubt I will see him again lol

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    • Yeah, I just did that. I told his friend to pass my number on to him.. don't know if he'll text or call though lol

    • Aw, yay lol good luck! :)