How do I get a girlfriend as a teen if my class sucks?

I can't find any interesting girls at my school, or in my club, or online. Any suggestions?


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  • You can't. You will end up with a girl from a bar when you're 25, and end up divorcing her several years later. You'll resort to hookers for awhile, maybe try online dating, and eventually hang yourself in a crummy motel room in your 40s.

    No, really, you just have to look harder.

    • I guess you ar right... It is just not going very well.

    • Well I've never had a girlfriend either but there are lots of nice good looking girls at my school. And even then I found my crush at work and she doesn't go to my school. So you never know.

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  • It's okay if you can't find one now. You have plenty of time. :)

    • i realize that, but there just this hole inside me that I want to fill with a girlfriend if you get what I mean. I just feel like something is missing.

  • Do you have friend that are girls and thing you have in common with those girls?


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