What would you do with a guy who stops initiating contact?

But gets offended/upset pointing out how long it took you to reach out to him? he's not calling and asking me out or putting equal effort either. If he isn't making effort why should I?


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  • Get out now. It's so annoying when people get weird about how long it takes to reply. Aren't you both adults with lives? What makes your life less important than any if his messages?

    Has he asked you out in the past?

    • Yes we have been out a few times. But I get sick of all the texting. We're both adults so I think if you like someone you pick up the phone & talk. Not all these texting games and the fact that he is keeping score tells me he's insecure and likes to have his ego fed, but won't make an effort. I have needs too. I have no issue making an effort but it has to be equal. I told him a few times I dont want a texting buddy.

    • I def understand why some people like texting and why some people don't. It sounds like you've given him a bit and he's not reciprocating. It also sounds like he doesn't make much effort to consider your life. Again :/

  • Move on find a new guy.

    • Yes absolutely. Just try to get different perspectives but if he can't make an effort then why should I? If he liked me so much he would be calling and asking me out.

      Moving on...

    • Yes it would appear he has lost interest. So sorry.