Should I maintain this friendship or just let him go?

I met this really great guy that had broken up with his gf of 2 years a couple months ago. We spent about a month "talking" with his ex gf popping in ever so often to beg for his forgivness at times she would kinda get to him and he would tell me he was confused, he says knows she doesn't love him but he does still love her. I wasn't pressuring him at all and things were great we were spending a lot of time together (16-18 hours a day if you include conversations) and both thought we were going somewhere. About a week ago he told me he finally told her he didn't want to hear from her again. He said he needed some time but called it progress toward us being together. A couple days later he told me what he was doing wasn't fair to me and he needed to getaway from everything and clear his head. We talked about it and i told him we can't be friends but if he changes his mind to let me know. Im not sure about my decision he really means a lot to me and a week later i miss him like crazy I've heard through his roommate he is completly miserable too. His roommate is a very close friend making this even more difficult. Whats the right thing to do here, maintain the friendship or cut ties until he figures out his shit?


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  • You did the hard thing, which was the right thing