How to stop being frustrated about being single?

I have been rejected and single my whole life. I gave up on love 2 years ago, but met a guy who pursued and chased me and didn't everything right but didn't want a relationship once we reached that stage. Every single guy till date has done this. I have tried to learn, change, improve and I'm just tired and exhausted now. Even if a guy shows interest now, I step away because I know he will enjoy it for a while but will never commit to me. I don't want to take the risk anymore. But I hate how I am obsessed and depressed about being so sad and lonely. I have been like this for the past 7/8 years and I am tired of hoping and expecting good days to come. I also realise there is no hope and no one will love me. So how do I learn to be fine with being single? Never finding anyone to love? I try to do it but its so hard, I cry every day about my experiences and how lucky my friends are to have found true love. I am happy for them, I don't even hate guys. I just know I will never find love and I don't even want to fall in love ever again. But how do I accept it in a way that I don't make myself sad every day?


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  • I think you should look introspectively and see what about you is keeping you out of meaningful relationships?

    Are you ones of those new age feminist types? They are always fucking single.

    • no i hate how women abuse the term feminism. i call myself an emancipist :P. anyway, i have gone through all of that. i am asking at a stage after going through it all. i'm 26 too by the way

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    • Then I'm not good? I have exhausted myself becoming a better person... maybe you're right but I give up. I give what I can and I offer the kindness I can.. in my capacity. It was all I could do. I just hope I can be happy with being single one day because its a long life to live alone. I am content that I at least tried with an open heart and soul

    • Stop worry about your plans and what you want. Be happy with what you currently have. He will bring you everything you need.

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  • I'm like that, I have had 2 relationships in my life and both women soon wanted someone else, now it's very hard to talk to women especially in a way that I am interested in them, I get zero replies on dating sites and like you I have given up.


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  • Well join the club there's only one thing that guys want from me I turn them down all the time no one has ever said I love you because they really do. I try to hide my self away because of them in not no sex doll I just want to be my self an have someone in my life to love me l. :)

    • Aww I'm glad you are hopeful and I'm sure you will find someone to love you :). I won't, thats what makes me sad

    • I'm sure we both will one day. As people keep annoyingly keep saying there's someone out there for all of us we just have to find it. Yeah if they say so

    • No I won't because I don't want to anymore. Or I don't want to take the risks anymore. I also just don't have the capacity to anymore. I am done and tired. I just want to know how I can be happy so that I stop feeling sad about never meeting anyone again

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