Guys, do you call your girlfriend sexy all the time just because? Even when she's not sexy at the moment?

My boyfriend calls me sexy all the time, I'm starting to wonder how genuine that is lol. In the beginning I loved it and I always felt sexy after he said it but that was when it was once in a while.

Do do you guys ever call a girl sexy just out of habit? And do you ever really think a girl is sexy all the time?

Im not complaining, I still like it. Just wondering what he actually means.


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  • He means he's glad he's still got a sexy woman, and can't believe it (that he landed a sexy woman).


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  • I would call my girl beautiful, and honestly my girl would ALWAYS beautiful to me because she would be mine

  • She doesn't think so but I honestly do. All the time. Yes honestly, all the time

    • Think she's sexy all the time or just say it all the time?

    • Think that she's sexy

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