Selfish Girlfriend... what do you guys think?

On a drive back from a weekend together my girlfriend was talking about a friends wedding that she would be attending as a bridesmaid. She resents and absolutely hates the guy that her friend is marrying for the fact that she's changed so much while being around him. Her friend is more of a recluse now and hangs out with his friends and family. The problem that came up was the fact that my girlfriend has 3 weddings going on that day. I had the gut feeling that she partially resents her friend for asking her to be a bridesmaid and all the costs that follow it and because the other 2 weddings will be more fun for her and she'd rather go to one of those. She was planning on trying to leave early from being a bridesmaid at the reception and head up to one of the other weddings to party so "she" could have more fun. As much as she hates the groom and won't have a much fun being a bridesmaid, she still has an obligation to uphold and make her friends wedding a great day. I told her it was very selfish to think like that and any true friend wouldn't just walk out and head to another party, especially if theyre part of the wedding. Theyre still in school and she also complained about not getting any transportation to the wedding which is 15 miles away, becauase of budgeting and such.

Even if i hated the chick one of my guys friends was marrying and there were other parties happening that i could go to, i still would never bail from the reception or leave early just to make myself happier when its someone elses day to be happy. Thats my morals, what do you guys think. Is she a stinker?


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  • That's rude. She had the honour of being invited as a bridesmaid. Least she could do is be nice about it. She is a definite stinker.


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