Girl asks for second date and doesn't reply?

So I took this girl out last week and it went great and we ended up kissing and she suggested a 2nd date. she text me the other day to see what I was up to on the weekend or if I was free, I said I couldn't do this weekend, but maybe next week, she said she was busy and had plans so I suggested next weekend but she hasn't replied and its now been 3 days, what's going on??


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  • First of all, you don't want to say things like, "maybe next week." Give her a specific day and time. (If she's busy at that time and she's interested, she'll give you a day/time that will work for her.) You don't want to use the word "maybe" on someone you're DEFINITELY interested in.

    Second, when you said, "maybe next week" and she told you she was busy and had plans... how did she know she was busy? You never gave her a day and time, did you? She was telling you in the language of Womanese that she wasn't interested in another date.

    Women will rarely tell you in plain English that they're not interested. When a woman's actions and words aren't consistent, you have a problem. Women who are interested will respond to you when you contact them, they'll say "yes" when you ask them out, and they don't cancel dates. Women who aren't interested act like the girl who stopped responding to you. My advice is to delete her phone number and save your time and energy for a girl who is actually interested in you.

    • she wanted to go out Saturday but I already had plans and I said maybe next week if your free, she does a lot during the week as well as a full time job and said she will try and re arrange things so she can come and see me, I said ok let me know and that's when I suggested the following Saturday and she's still yet to text back.

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  • ... She text me the other day to see what I was up to on the weekend or if I was free...
    This sounds like a girl who is Still Into you and even tried to make plans with you. However, she may have a broken nose when you shot her down this weekend, which she should have understood, and this could be the reason this season Why-----She hasn't replied and it's now been 3 days.
    Text her again and tell her you hope she understands. Tell her if she is busy next weekend and you are the one who is free, that you both should stay in touch and get up Together so you can find a weekend that suits you both and that is good with one another.
    If she doesn't message you back, it's her loss. She may have been the kind of girl who if it is not her way it's... the highway.
    Good luck. xx

  • Sounds like she isn't interested :-/

    • this is what I thought, but the texts she does send me are long and detailed like 15-20 lines and she went in for the kiss on our first date and then text me asking to see me again and that she had a great time. If she isn't interested why why would she bother texting me again and saying and doing these things? its not like we are in the same group of friends and she doesn't have to ever see me again, could it be a test? I know she is very busy as she works full time and plays sports for 3 teams.

    • It's a possibility that she simply does not have time to date you. For a girl that busy, she may need to finalize all of her games/practice times and might get back to you. Might be best to leave it in her hands to schedule the next date if she's busier than you. If she likes you and wants to find time to date you, she will. Three days is a long time though, which leads me to believe she's not interested.

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  • She’s not interested.

    Yes, it’s entirely contrary to everything up until this point. Go figure.

    I was messaging a girl for almost two weeks on POF, very nice messages, fun, friendly, she seemed really cool. Met her in person, she was even cuter than her picture! We went for coffee and then dinner, chatted away, got her number and a hug.

    The next day I sent her a text saying it was great meeting her, was she looking forward to the (long) weekend? She said yes, and that she was free on the Monday afternoon, did we want to meet up again? I agreed, we made some plans. On the Friday , she texted again saying she felt things were moving too fast (?) and needed time to think about it.

    I never heard from her again. Didn’t expect to.

  • Never give her a broad option. Like next week. Ask her for the exact days she free. And try to arrange something. And as for her not replying for 3 days. Dont be afraid to double text. I take no shame in double texting. Send her a message on Facebook or something wheres she's bound to see your message.

  • means u shud've put her a priority instead of being busy? she wanted more, but u just postponed it... this might get dangerous for u... so meet up with her as soon as possible!!