She likes me, but?

So me and this girl have been getting along really well. I always make her laugh and we have a really good thing going on. I recently found out she has a kid. This cut my feelings for her in half, because I have never been in a relationship and i feel this would be a lot to handle, also I still like the part of her before I knew she was a mom. There is another girl who seems to have some interest in me and I am torn between who to go for. Recently, the first girl and me and have been acting like buddies, we text each other and its more comfortable. But when it comes to this other girl, I feel like she might have more to her. The first girl is adorable and wild, and the second girl is more shy, cute, and sexy in her own way. I usually like the shy girls, but this other girl is really cool...but I don't know what to do... Any advice? Insight ?

If there is anything left unclear, ask and I will answer. There is so much more to the story...I only have little time before one girl makes a move....

Yeah if you could answer my question, that would be great.


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  • If you aren't ready for a kid, then regardless that's not the avenue for you to go down. Is it about what makes you happy, but don't sacrifice your happiness for something you aren't ready for.
    I would pursue the one who seems that there is more to her. You miss every oppurtunity you don't take.


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  • Because your dating experience is limited, I would not date a woman with a child. That comes with a whole new set of rules and issues. You don't want that baggage or drama.

  • You go for the one which offers the greatest chance of happiness for both of you.

    I would ask the girl with the child why she is a single mother and go from there.