My style varies completely day to day? Turn on or off?

I'm the kind of girls who might wear a baggy basketball shirt and shorts one day and then a dress with girly accessories the next. One day leggins and a workout shirt the next is a hippie shirt and faded Jean shorts. My style varies a lot but I dress appropriately for a dinner or a special occasion or casual. Is varying style a turn off? Does it matter?


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  • So I deal with something similar. I am androgynous. I dress both like a female and a male. I worked one job, where most of my coworkers thought I was just this cute little lesbian that worked at the bookstore. which I had no problem with. And then I'd go home or go out and put on more femine things and look completldy different. Same with difeferent styles.
    I just wear what I like, regardless of what kind of people wear it, or what others will get an impression of. And I am constantly getting compliments on how rad and unique my style is. So don't sweat it. Wear what's comfortanle for you, and the people that accept you for you will show. (:


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  • If a guy really likes you then it shouldn't matter. I'm not girly all the time because sometimes I really don't give a shit. Don't stress about something like this, it just shows you like variety.

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