Can you guys help me on a problem Im having please? My situation is putting me down?

Me and this guy have been talking for 7 months and we really do like eachother. We are even starting to love.. Me and him have had sex but we aren't in a relationship .. It felt right so there are no complaints there .. But something told me to go on his face book and I saw that he was liking girls pictures while me and him are talking.. Some pictures are sensible, you can only see the face. But then one pic he liked caught my eye when I saw he liked a pic of a stripper in his underwear.. This really dos hurt me because I have low self esteem and it just made me feel like shit.. I spoke to him about it and he said he wouldn't do it again and that he's sorry.. Then I found another pic but it was someone else in her underwear.. I'm not sure if I should speak to him about it or not but this is just putting me down and it really is making me think what type of pics he's liking on Instagram. Because he won't let me follow him.. Soo I'm abit confused .. Why wouldn't he let me follow him? And how should I feel about him liking girls pictures?


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  • That doesn't necessarily mean he likes that girl. He just like her for that aspect (sexual) it sounds like he likes you for that and personality. I'm sure if you had the indecency to post pics like that then he would like them also. Cheer up girly:) If the problem doesn't stop and you continue to get hurt then I would say move on though. It might be hard but you gotta do what makes you happy

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