Guy I'm dating said he had been a brick wall of emotions for so long so now he doesn't know how to handle feelings?

Weve been dating 8 months.Had our first fight this week.He got upset and said we should stop seeing eachother then started crying. I left his apartment.Hour later texts says sorry. Says doesn't know whats going on with him and says he hasn't felt this way in a long time so he doesn't know how to handle feelings.What did he mean by that?Handle what feelings?feelings for me?


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  • He might be scared of how strong his feelings are for you and his coping skills are to dump them before they dump me. Talk it out. If he can't commit after some time consider moving on.

    • Thanks for your answer! He did tell me that he truly get into a relationship because of bad experiences in his past so i guess you're right:(

    • Yw, hope you two can work it out.

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