Ladies, what do you hope to achieve when texting a guy you're interested in?

Do you text the guy because you want to see if he can keep a conversation going, make you laugh, seems interesting before deciding to go on a date with him or are you just going along with what he texts you in hopes he asks you on a date because you want to get to know him in person?


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  • When I text a guy it's because I'm interested in him and yea, want to get to know him.
    I want to see how he texts, if he's funny, I interesting, interested in me... and after some time talking, maybe go out in a date or something.
    But the blatent reason for texting him would be because I'm interested to be grin with

    • Interested to begin with?

      Thought so, let a buddy of mine get in my head and tell me I could skip all that and that texting was just for setting up dates. Knew I was right.

    • Yea sorry, auto correct haha
      But yeaa some guys like to think they know.. Haha that's pretty much it. I mean of course after you two have been talking and you both are mutually interested, THEN texting becomes not only a way to just talk to one another , but to set up dates haha

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  • Well, what's the goal with any of that crap? For me, an actual relationship. Anything else is a waste of time and emotion; there are better things to be doing than flirting with no purpose...

  • uhm basically I text a guy only cause I want to know more about him.

  • I would hope he would want to get to know me.


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