How and who do you choose?

So 3 guys like you at once
but you're stuck between 2.

1.) how do you tell the other guy you're kibda somewhat playing him

2.) who do you choose between the ones you're stuck at?


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  • well the first step would be to make sure ur not playing anyone -.-

    u just need to make ur feelings clear to both. say something like, 'look, i like u, but I'm just a little confused at the moment' rather than sitting there acting like u have a thing for both. it's not fair to them and they dont deserve that.

    just keep getting to know them on a casual level and in time ur feelings for both will begin to separate and one guy will be of more interest to u, i guarantee it. again, dont play anyone.


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  • i'd chooose nobody basically... ecause i'm not into guys1!1


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