Girls, girls/young ladies, could you be attracted to or date a young bald (shaved) guy?

I'm a 20 year old who has to shave his head to the skin due to a scalp condition, I pull it off okay but worry this will severly limit my dating opportunities at this age, so young women, would you give a young bald guy a shot? picture if one actually approaced you at a party or on the street etc and think ho you'd truly respond before answering please, I understand looks do factor in, so honesty is welcome.

  • I could find a young bald (shaved bald) guy attractive or be willing to seriously date one.
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  • hair is too important for me, couldn't get past it easily.
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  • I wouldn't date one. ONLY because I have a BIG obsession with fluffy hair on guys. But, I'm sure girls that's not obsessed and don't really care about hair would date you. Theirs a nice amount out there for you.

    • at least your honest I can respect that. especially since the hair itself has to be fluffy haha even certain 'hairy' guys would be out of luck


      Fluffy as in that. But, I know a nice amount of fluffy guys.

    • Haha yeah I come from a military family so I don't think that'd fly, nor would I wear that in the first place, haha that's more of a way young guy thing.

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