Is it normal to still think about this guy?

I met him at a party a month ago and I thought we hit it off, so got his number and tried to arrange a date with him, but he kept postponing and eventually cancelling the date, so it's pretty clear he just wasn't into me, and that was the end of the story, I didn't contact him again. However I still find myself having dreams about him and I still get this intense yearning feeling when I wake up from the dreams or when I think about him, it's like this wave of sadness that overcomes me. I feel silly because I only met him once, I don't know him at all really, he wasn't even good looking! But it hurts that he apparently didn't find me interesting enough to even just go out. I don't know... is this normal to be feeling this way about someone i hardly know?


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  • No its perfectly normal... Love is something.. Well i can't tell u what it is... Its different for every one... But its normal


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