Should I ask him out on a forth date (by text) and does he like me?

So I was asked out by a guy I go to work and college with. We have been on three dates so far and we both have a really good time, have fun, and have plenty of things to talk about. He has been the one to initiate all the dates both in person and once by text. He already knows I can be quiet and shy at times, but I have been working on being more outgoing over the years. The only thing is that I have an EXTREMELY hard time understanding signals/hints in dating (I'm a girl btw). The first three dates were great but we haven't kissed or held hands yet. The third date had the perfect set up to hold hands though. I'm just not sure if we were both too nervous to make that move or if I wasn't giving the right signals. I did notice that on the 3rd date he would put his hand on the lower part of my back whenever he held a door open for me, walked across a busy street, or walked past a creepy looking guy in the city (walk through the city type of date). He is a really nice guy and I am interested in continuing to date him. All the dates with him feel very natural, fun, and relaxed. He still texts me frequently and asks me how my day went. However, we are on a week break from college and I won't see him in person for a week. I'm not sure if I should ask him out on a forth date or if I should wait for him to ask again. If I do ask, should I wait to see him in person or ask by texting? I don't know if he likes me since I don't understand the signals. I also don't know if he is going slow just for me though. It takes me a little while to open up to people and I think he knows that already.


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  • If he asked you out three times, it can't be more obvious that he likes you. At this point, many guys who know what they are doing will begin to conclude their opinions on whomever they have been going out with.
    You should ask him out, it will confirm that you like him as well and take a load off his shoulders.
    Or you can wait and chances are you'll see him with someone else because it would seem he is the only one that is interested and you are not.

    • But should I wait until Friday to see him and ask in person or should I just text him? That's what I'm not sure about.

    • Text is fine. Just express that you want to spend some more time with him.

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  • Keep chatting and expressing interest, but wait for him to ask you out again.