My dad/select family members do not accept my preferences in guys. What do I do?

So I like this white guy and I'm black and my dad doesn't really like that. I value my dad's opinion to a point but when it comes to dating his opinion doesn't really matter. But lately my aunt that I'm really close with has been trying to set me up with guys of my race...

I mean it's not like I haven't dated black guys, I have it didn't work time for something new. I mean I like boys doesn't matter what the race is but to them the thought of me dating someone white is wrong.

I don't know what to do and I'm completely and utterly frustrated with them.


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  • I just suggest you try to understand where they are coming from. Maybe they are afraid:

    1) that you will grow apart from them
    2) that you will have children raised in a different culture and they won't be able to relate to the grandchildren
    3) that your boyfriend won't be comfortable around them
    4) that white boys will date you just for fun but will only marry a white girl


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  • It's not really their place to say you can't date a white guy over a black guy. They are in the wrong.

    There is not a lot you can do. When you are an independent adult you will have more control over your life.

    I think you need to make it clear to them that unless a guy is treating you or them badly that you don't want to hear any negative comments about him. Also that they don't have to agree with your decision they just need to respect It.

    • That's so true and I let my dad know that all the time. I mean he lives in another state and he tries to dictate my life. My mom is fine with it she's met the guy I like and he's really nice to me and her. I just wish my dad and the rest of my family members were on board with the whole situation.

    • Well tell your dad you aren't living under his roof so you have no legal obligations to live by his rules especially since from what I understand your mom is your acting guardian.

      Which you don't. Legally the only control your parents have over you is when you are living in their house and/or when you are under 18 so they are still your guardian but your mom is in that role so he really can't say anything.