My boyfriend said he was giving us a year? yesterday His own aunt told me while he was at her house he was gonna bring is x in and me out?

we been together for more than a year ...we were dating on and off while I was in high school... I'm 28 now and was living in a duplex we got together and he said he wanted to live in a house because of his daughter which he had with his ex girlfriend we got house and now everything is change ...I do want to get married and have kids and lately he's making it real clear that he doesn't want to get married and have any more kids..everything has change we don't go out like we used too...dater dates n movies etc...we did all this while living in my duplex...had sex every other night...he don't talk to me much..we hardly have sex....his daughter doesn't visit the house anymore...he disrespect me around is family and is extra friend yesterday at the beach all the sudden his Exgf is in the picture again..when he goes out He hardly tell me


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  • It's time to sit down your male roommate and talk to him. There could be a multitude of reasons for his behaviour and it would be very difficult to guess his reason.

    Sure, it could be as the aunt said, but it could also be that he is very confused and isn't sure what direction he is going in. Perhaps, there are some fatherly feelings that make him want to head back towards the direction of his ex-girlfriend.

    I highly suggest talking to him. Good luck!

  • I am sorry to read this but he is trying to move on. He is allowing the relationship to die out instead of telling you directly that it doesn't work for him anymore. To me, he is waiting for you to get fed up of his behaviour and call time on everything.

    The big red flag is that his daughter doesn't visit anymore. She is obviously an integral part of his life and therefore he should want to make sure you have a good relationship too but he's cutting you off from each other.

    Also, he is not communicating what he is doing and not taking you out anymore. For me, he's decided that the future, sadly, doesn't include you. I think you should move on. I am sorry and I hope I am wrong.

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