Contact him after vacation?

Went on a great date with a guy on Thursday and on Sunday I left for Iceland. He told me during the date that we should meet again once I am back. Watch a movie and I said yes. I talked to him on Saturday and asked how his dads birthday celebration was and we texted back and forth and he called me pretty lady on the last date which was cute.

Anyways I'm not going to talk to him when I am gone ..I'm on vacation now.
But when I get back on Thursday ..can I contact him . ?

Like on Friday or Sunday ?"doing anything this weekend ? Meet up ?

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  • CALL him and let him know how your vacation was. You can even tell him that you wanted to talk to him about something interested that you saw. He will probably ask you after the conversation.
    To the other post: I didn't realize that going after something/someone you want made you desperate...

  • sure y not? you want sound desperate basically...:-)


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