Girls/guys: How do I go about this? I really like her. I feel she's worth it?

About a month ago, I told my crush how I felt about her. I've never actually talked to her in person before, just a couple of times over Facebook chat. She rejected me. "I just don't feel the same way." is what she said. I feel I might've come on too strong because I let it all out to her, and she's really shy. Reading back in my message, I saw that I didn't ask her out. Was this my mistake? I really like this girl. I've been told by my friends (girls and guys) that we'd be a cute(girls) and good(guys) couple.
I feel that this girl is worth it. She's insanely cute/gorgeous, intelligent, talented, athletic, but quiet and shy. I've liked her more than any other girl I have before. I first saw her about 2 months ago and I've liked her a lot since then.
She played "hard to get" for a while (ignoring me, changing the way she goes to and from class) I did the same after I realized this. Then, I saw here more while I played "hard to get." She looked at me more often (I could tell from the corner of my eye) She'd sit beside me (and one of her friends who sits beside me) more in my free period before lunch.
As I said before, I feel this girl IS worth it.
If this helps my case a little: A month before I told my crush how I felt about her, I told her best friend how I felt about her. She said: "OMG!!! This is soooo sweet!!! Every girl should be able to have a guy like this lol seriously!!!!"
Can anyone please provide some advice for me?


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  • Classic double standard case. When the guy has the crush, it doesn't matter to the girl, but when the girl has a crush, all hell breaks loose if she is rejected lol.
    Anyway, where you messed up was coming outright and just telling her ALL your feelings, she probably feels like you don't have enough basis to be having those kind of feelings for her, same as on her side. You are both basically strangers. You should have just shown an interest and asked her out rather than get all emotional right off the bat.
    You can still salvage the situation, but personally, I suggest you move on. I have good reasons to back that up too starting with "I FEEL she IS worth it", budding signs of infatuation.


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  • This girl probably just wanted to be your friend. I think you came on a little too strong. Give her flowers and ask to start over as friends and let things grow SLOWLY from there. If it doesn't work out you are the sweetest guy ever and you'll get another girl.

  • Ask her out


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