Guys, I feel ugly to save sex with my boyfriend?

We broken up and got back together....
he hard a thing for blonde petite pear shaped brunette....
we dated for 3.5. Years....but latley he said things that hurt a lot and doing...
he kept liking girls on instagram who were stunning and blonde, commenting say Hot, Gourgouse,Attractive.
I then asked him if he thought blondes were prettier he said "some are"......i told him it would make me happy if he preferred me Only then I wouldn't mind his likes towards other women in general...he responded "I like what I like and can't change that and like a whole of other things besides me" but claims he I with me and not them but it still hurts...

and seeing those instagram girls make me feel fuck ugly I hate the way my face looks make me wanna put a brown bag over my head....


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  • Every men have a thing for blonde women. Blonde is rare, so it is exotic and alluring. You shouldn't worry about it too much. You can paint your hair, if it is really bothering you.

    About the instagram girls:
    A lot of men browse instagam, cause a lot of pretty girls put up pictures of themselves. It isn't much different from p*rn . If he knew, you can see his messages, then he is pretty insensitive. If you spied on his account... well, you shouldn't do such things.

    I think your boyfriend is too honest and stupid. A man would normally lie to you, that you are the most beautiful girl on the world. But the truth is, the world is big, and there is a lot of pretty girls out there. If your boyfriend likes you, you shouldn't worry about things like this.

  • Don't worry u are Prob beautiful.

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