A guy keeps hitting on my girlfriend? What should I do?

My girlfriend has a friend named Alex,who has a crush on her, and she knows that. One day at school, the guy just comes up to my girlfriend and kisses her on the cheek. She pushes him off and tells him she has a boyfriend. He apologizes and that was suppose to be the end of that. Several days later he starts to flirt with my girlfriend trying to hold her waist and her hands at school. She would always tell him she has a boyfriend. He would even tell people she is his girlfriend but in a joking manner. I mean it bothers me but there isn't anything I can do since I go to a different school from hers. She is a senior in high school and I'm a freshman in college. Just recently, my girlfriend went away on a school field trip for five days and Alex is also going on that trip. The guy sits next to her on the bus ride and he would try and hold her hand during the ride and try to put his arm over her. She tells me it makes her feel very uncomfortable because she says it feels as if she is cheating on me. I don't like the guy already for he doesn't respect the fact my girlfriend is in a relationship. During the trip, the guy attempted to kiss my girl on the lips but instead my girlfriend backed up and pushed him off. She didn't tell him anything. Maybe she was nervous or awkward I don't know. She would tell me that she feels uncomfortable and annoyed that he keeps trying to get at her. I trust my girl I know she is faithful I just don't trust the guy. I asked my girl for his # and told him politely to stay away from her for he makes her uncomfortable and to respect that. He said okay. The next day he continues to try and hold my girlfriend hand but she takes it away. I got mad and told him again to stay away from her. I told my girlfriend how I felt and she said she will stay away from him and not be around him. Today is the fourth day,my girl sits next to a girl who then asks Alex to switch seats with her.He sits next to my girl.later ends up kissing my girl on her foredhead

And she didn't tell him anything when that happened. But I let it go and got over it even though I was mad and bothered. I didn't wanna argue with her over this and damage my relationship. We have bene dating for 1 year and 2 months. She comes back tomorrow but I feel as if I can't do anything about it. The guy doesn't stop and she is forced to be there. I feel that on the trip he might even try and kiss her on the lips. I just don't know what to do because I don't want to have to fight the guy.


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  • Kick him in the ballz!

    • So firstly go and fuck him up then tell ur girl to slap his head off next time he tries anything. My advice? be a men , mark ur terittory. And for a gods sake if any guy ever touched my girlfriend i make him swallow his balls. so go learn box or what ever just take action

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  • I don't think you can do something about it. She should be the one taking action. She has to cut contact with him and tell him he crossed the line. I would have slapped him if I was on her shoes. Why does she keep talking to him?

    • She says she did stop talking to him. She says he is the one who trys to go up and talk to her and try and be around her.

    • I'm sorry to be this direct... but you don't seat in the bus close to someone you want to avoid. If she is done with his pushy behaviour she can threaten him... if she really feels uncomfortable, that's sexual harassment.

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  • If this guy is stalking your girl like she claims, how and why is she allowing him to get so close to her to be able to kiss her on the forehead? There's just more to this. Either she didn't want to tell you what's really going on, maybe she had a fling with him, or she's not trying to be dramatic about it or he's just plain psychotic and she needs to take out a restraining order against him. Truly doubt it's the latter.

  • You aren't getting the full story. I doubt he would be that persistent if she wasn't participating in some way. She likes the attention.

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