Who should I make effort for? Guy A or B?

So, I've liked guy A for about a month now, he's split up with his girlfriend and Flirts with me, only when guy B isn't around. But guy B is my ex, but wants me back, that I know for sure because he tells it me everyday. Guy A always gives me mixed signals, but tells me how he wants to kiss me, but the next day cannot even speak to me. I really like guy A, he's kind, caring, funny, yet my friends don't approve because he's not the best looking. But I'm not shallow, I don't care. He's everything I've ever wished for in a guy. Yet guy B is really good looking, really good at football, but I'm not sure if I would get back with him. My family approves of guy B, but not really guy A. I'm so confused. I don't even know if guy A likes me that much, he is always around his Ex's house, he tried to get back with her but she cheated on him. Both guys are really good friends, which is why Guy A doesn't like flirting with me around guy B, he's already told me this. He always says how he wants to kiss me, but feels bad for guy B so I'm so unsure whether or not he would get with me because of this. I don't want to pick one, because they aren't toys, just which one do you think I should make more effort for to be with?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Personally, I wouldn't get with any of them. Guy A most likely still has feelings for his ex which makes YOU a possible rebound. His break up is still fresh. Guy B is your ex... your EX, do you really want to get back with someone and go through that process again or would you like a fresh start? Find someone who is not hung up on their ex and someone you didn't break up with.

    • We broke up over something so stupid, yet I asked him what do we have in common, yet he sat there and changed the subject. So, I don't think we suit...

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What Guys Said 2

  • I would walk away from both... it appears as though you have issues with both and the fact they are friends makes it worse.

    Look outside the box and find someone that fits all your criteria. Never settle!

  • Im like oldanddecrepid. Walk away from both. Guy A still hangs around his ex. which means that he still really likes her. Guy B, y'all broke up. I wouldn't even consider him again, a break up should be perm unless there wasn't a good reason to break up. But what you said, y'all broke up bdcause hd tried to change the subject of a conversation you startex about the two of y'all. Makes me think he just wants to be with you fir something other than a relationship. Personally I think you can find better that will do you a lot better than either of them. Though any of the choices above may jeopardize yalls friendship if you chose between the two of them, tgat means one ain't gonna be your friend or friends with the one you chose. You choose neither, if they get the notion to, they could break the friendship with you because you didn't chose between them. But thats not as likely to happen. If you go for both, they may fight over you, ending up breaking their friendship between eachother and leaving you with guilt and being reminded every day as they fight over you. Then you may not want to be with either of them anyway. The best bet is to Just not go with either. Its least likely to break the friendship.


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  • Also, the fact that these guys are really good friends means that you could risk negatively impacting their friendship, which I'm sure you don't want