What do you do if your broke?

I'm broke 99% of the time and when I'm not I have to file taxes or pay bills. How the fuck can i have a social life in thees circumstances. Or take my gf on a date the only thing that isn't busy 24/7 is my dating schedule that shits empty.


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  • Honestly, I'm right there with you at the moment.
    The only thing to do really is suck it up and work/: it's hard enough having one job and having to juggle a social life and a girlfriend but it seems to me a second job would really help you out. Just think about how hard work pays off. You may not have a lot of time to do things now, and hopefully your girlfriend could understand, but working and leaving a little less room for play at the moment would help a great deal. Then again, what would I know, I'm only 18 but I know the saying hard work pays off is true.


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