If you loved someone and they hurt you, but wanted back in your life and your unsure of this... how would you act?

I used to date this girl in highschool, she hurt me. She didn't cheat on me or abuse me but she led me on and rejected my marriage purposal. I'm unsure of what to think now that she is trying to throw herself back into my life. A part of me will always love her and want her in my life, but I'm unsure of what I want and I've been avoiding her and just don't know what to do anymore.... suggestions?


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  • The first girl I loved got the reject stamp out and then tried to reverse the situation. At the time I still loved her but I knew I'd sustained damage and wasn't sure if I could forgive her or risk going through it again. I consulted some friends (male and female) who knew both of us and while they said it was my decision they thought she was flaky but smart enough to come across sincere and suggested it'd be a bad idea. With hindsight, I'm glad I didn't let her back into my life!

    • She wouldn't lie about feelings, that much I can give her. I'm just unsure of what to do myself.

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  • So she rejected your proposal at what age, 18, 19?

    I think this is perfectly reasonable. If she now wants you back, you ahve to think about if you can live with it that she rejected you once and might reject you again if you get back together...

    • 19, 20, 21

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    • well i guess nobody except for you can figure out what to do. I just want you tell you one last thing.

      Think about it, do you miss the relationship WITH HER or do you miss HAVING A RELATIONSHIP at all? this is what always helped me when i thought that maybe i should get back together with my ex..

    • The problem is that I have a girlfriend right now. She's really sweet but I am not in love with her. I do miss this girl but im still hurt and unfortunately I can be an asshole to her and I really don't mean to and im not good with apologizing and yet she still sticks around

  • No, despite how I still feel about this gal I briefly dated last year, I wouldn't. I was cut off for little to no reason and not a word was spoken as why. And I was there for her she needed me, picked her up when she was down, listened, everything but it didn't pan out for some reason. If or when we take back anyone who has hurt us, there's always the risk it could happen again. Just my opinion.

  • huh?

    sorry for askibg... are you homosexual or guy who chose female by mistake?

    • Female by mistake. I dont think there's an option to change it haha

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