If I can't decide on which girl to pursue do I not really like them?

I have three girls I'm interested in. But if I can't decide does that mean I'm not really that interested. If none stand out do I not really like them. Is it possible to like three people the same amount?


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  • Some relationships have a strong connection right away, others gain it as they get to know the person a bit more.

    How well do you know each of these girls? If it's only somewhat then I understand that you might not know who you connect with best. If you know them pretty well and still don't know them maybe you really don't feel that strongly about any of them.

    • I don't know them that well and have hesisated asking each out for different reasons. Now that I'm getting ready to try I'm not sure who to ask?

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    • True, I just felt kinda weird doing that. Hence the question lol

    • I get that not everyone is comfortable doing that. Personally, I view the first couple dates as just getting to know the person. If I'm not feeling it I'll straight up tell them "Hey, you're a great person but I'm just not feeling a connection here. Best of luck to you."

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  • You're not really into them. If you're not obsessing over every little thing they do then you;re not into them


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