Is a potential relationship doomed if the first date wasn't amazing?

We met briefly at an event one evening and made a connection. He asked for my number and it went from there. We talked a lot and hit it off on the phone for about 2 weeks before had out first date. Conversations lasted for hours and if we weren't on the phone.. we were texting. Discussion about a potential relationship went on and we both made it known that we were interested. However, during our much anticipated date, the conversation didn't flow as well in person as it did on the phone. I'm not sure what happened. But at times, it was as if we didn't have anything to say. Perhaps it was the pressure of a first date.. or the fact that we had already talked so much before so the usual get to know you questions weren't needed. He got me flowers and took me to meet his family (after we got coffee) during this date.. which seemed a little rushed but, I didn't think too much about it.

I received a follow up phone call the day after the date.. but it wasn't a long conversation. Then a few days passed without even hearing from him.. I sent him a text asking him if he was still into everything.. he never responded. When he did contact me (through the internet and 3 days after my unanswered text), we started talking about how the date went and he apologized for not returning my text and said he had been busy. We both pointed out that it seemed as though we didn't have much to talk about on the date and that maybe we were both expecting too much out of it. I asked him if he wanted to just chalk it up as an experience and end things. He said he'd like to continue to see how things go..

However, the phone never rings anymore nor do I receive any texts. I did text him Wednesday to wish him a good day.. we had a short conversation and planned to go out again this weekend however, we didn't even make an official plan on what we would do. We just decided on a day.

Should I consider his interest to be gone if he's not calling and texting me anymore? If it were gone though, why did he say he wanted to continue to see where things go? Was he just being polite? I may be jumping the gun but it just seems odd that he used to call all the time or text and now it's nothing.

By the way, the first date was last Saturday..


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  • "He said he'd like to continue to see how things go.."

    Answer to your question = No, it is not a deal breaker if the first date was bad.

    • Even if he hasn't tried to contact me as much as he used to/hardly at all?

    • Correct. Instead of waiting for him to ask you out - ask him out for a date.

      The longer you wait = awkward time away from each other.

      You like him, he obviously diggs you... What's the problem? Take him on a date already =)

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