What age gaps in high school are acceptable for a senoir to date?

recently I've been attracted to one junior and one sophomore at my high school and I'm a senior. I'm curious what the general population thinks of high school age gaps! Mark below which age gap is the biggest acceptable one in your mind!

  • Freshman and seniors
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  • Sophomores and senior
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  • Junior and senoir
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  • depends on which gender is older
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  • N/A explain below
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  • I don't think it should matter when you're at the same freakin school. Like, everyone will refer to you both as "high schoolers" so I don't see what's wrong with senior dating a freshman. Also I think the average married couple in the US is like 5 years apart.


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  • Sophmore or Juniors I'd say


What Girls Said 2

  • I think a junior and senior would be okay but it would seem weird for a senior to be dating a freshman or sophmore.

  • If it's legal, it's okay. If the senior is 18 dating a 14 year old freshman, they (he or she) should rethink it because they could get into serious trouble. The senior is considered an adult, the freshman is a minor... errr illegal...