How can I show him I am serious about him and am girlfriend material?

We have been talking for over 3 months now. We've been on a few dates, have hungout and have hooked up. We have a lot of fun together, but I'm 4 years younger than him, so I feel he jmight ust see me as someone who is a good time and I want to show him I am serious and serious about him too. We have many serious conversations too etc, but I want him to see me as someone he could date seriously. What can I do to show him that? I have really started to like him and I think he might have too. It has been just casual the last few months because there is distance between us (three hours since Im away at schoool), but now Im moving to the city in less than a month, where he's living. I want to get to know him better, and see where things go and for him to see that side. How can I show him I'm girlfriend material?


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  • Have you tried talking to him about being an item?


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