Girls, is it wrong to text two girls?

Okay so, awhile ago i visited a college far away. There, I met a great girl (let's call her Kiera to protect identity) that i ended up kissing. We still text and flirt with each other. A couple days later I started talking to this other girl from my community college. She messaged me out of nowhere and we started sexting almost immediaty. the only reason I started texting the second girl (amy) is because im worried that I'll text Kiera too much and I'll screw things up before I go back to that college which will be in 6 months. Im worried that my need to constantly talk with someone (especially a girl) is going to make Kiera think im clingy and weird. Is it okay to text amy, and possibly hook up with her, just so I don't get clingy with Kiera, with our text relationship? It's not like Kiera and i are dating, so is it cheating?

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  • Personally, you're not dating either of them and you're certainly not exclusive. If you end up getting more serious with one of them, it's only right to let them know you're still talking to other girls. If they demand to be exclusive and you're just not ready for that, bye-bye. It's reasonable for a girl to demand to be the only interest, but it's also reasonable for you to say that's just not what you're looking for right now and break it off.


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  • It's normal to want to keep your options open. It's nothing serious, you're single and casually dating. Absolutely nothing wrong with talking to two girls

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