Should I forget him?

we kissed once and a week later he kept texting me then he stopped replying to my texts. the other night I called and he didn't pick up then he sent me a text an hour later saying he was at a friends house but he hasn't replied to text I sent him last night, shall I leave him to chase me or just forget him. I doubt he would reply to another text message and I am still in two minds as to if I really want to see him again? I mean he was crazy about me when we first met and told me loads of times that he thought I was really beautiful. Has he suddenly just lost interest? is this what some guys are like? Help!?

Thanks for your time!


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  • Yeap, I agree with Whoppers12.

    Let him think you have no interest...and see how he reacts, if he is meant to be with you, he will wake up!

    Cheer up and good luck!

  • no give him space..

    he wil text or call when he's ready you calling him all the time will make him never you call

    you trust me


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