Is this a Deal-Breaker?

Okay, this past year i have been diagnosed with a severe dairy allergy (different from lactose intolerance, look it up) and I noticed that dating has been difficult for me. When I mention that i can't have any dairy at all (no animal milk such as goat, cow, sheep, etc , or the proteins casein or whey) they kind of freak out. Then all of a sudden they stop talking to me at times. I always wondered is it really a deal breaker when someone has a serious food allergy when dating? Or is it something else (which it can be)?


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  • It would be fine for me. But from a natural standpoint, you have inferior genetics. The male subconsciously no longer wants to mate with you because your offspring would die in the natural environment.

    • ahaha in some ways yes, I don't really think of myself as inferior but I see your point.

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