Girls, what kind of guys do you like?

wright down 10 types of guy. or things you like in guys.

* right down
* sorry write down. my English sucks


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  • okay
    1) one who's sweet
    2) jokes around, but not meanly
    3) like to hug and cuddle and isn't afraid to show affection'
    4) is friendly to my family and friends even if he hates them
    5) encourages me to do things that i'm scared of doing
    6) has a good personality
    7) has respect for himself and others
    8) always smiling and positive
    9) he's polite when he has to be
    10) he's with me through the bad and the good times

    this list is just a list of a guy i want, but there are millions of girls out there who have different things they might want their idea guy to be like, it depends on them


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  • I don't have a "kind". I just like whoever I happen to like. All the guys I've liked so far have been very different from each other.

  • I like boyish guys. Not so boyish that you feel like you're babysitting, but boyish in the sense that they are carefree, impulsive, cute and fun.
    I like a lot of confidence. They have to be playful. My guy is like this. I'm never bored with him. We will plan to just do something boring one night like go for a drive, and he'll see a nice beach and we'll end up going for a swim a like, 4 in the morning.

    • Why confidence? Just asking.

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    • they only go for manners

    • YES! Manners will get you MASSIVE brownie points with girls.

  • Funny, tall enough to reach above the stove, not an ass, plays with me, likes Disney movies, knows how to cook, can clean after himself, doesn't snore, loves giving/receiving massages, good hygiene.

    This was really hard to come up with. 😅

  • Goal orientated/Driven
    Well groomed/well dresssed
    Educated/intelligent/has common sense
    Good with hands
    Loves family/close friends
    Has own life/interests
    Spontaneous on occasion
    Thoughtful/kind/responsive towards others feelings
    Good communicator
    Knowledgeable about food/wine
    Will watch horror movies with me
    Takes care of bugs/spiders/gross things

    There's tons of things to like about guys.

    • You can write them all. You have nothing to loose!

    • I want a girlfriend, who can watch horror and p*rn movies with me. I'll keep that in mind.