What is he thinking?

So I have been dating this guy for like 2 months and its been a non stop guessing game because we never really talk about what it is between us.. I absolutly love this man. But anyway, i hadn't seen him in a couple weeks so yesterday i text him and asked him if i could have 15 minutes of his time because i wanted to talk to him about everything that has happened. so he tells me to come over, when i get there he looks terrible and doesn't say much. Then after we watch a movie we go to get pizza and outta nowhere he says so u wanna talk lets talk. and starts going off about how he likes me as a friend and more, and how he is just afraid to get into a relationship. and how he doesn't feel obligated to hang out he likes hanging out with me ...and then he says i love you but not in a mushy way, i bring you around my little girl and my family.... he sounded surprised that he said it.... then when we get back to his house we start playing cards and he says to me "we are so much alike, you know that"? i said its seems like it, and then he says i missed you. i tell him i missed him too, and he responds with "you can show me tonight how much you missed me. and grabs my face with both of his hans and just kisses me like i have never been kissed before.... wow...sooooo ya we had amazing sex and i had to get up at 5 am for work so he kisses me as i leave and tells me he will text me... and then today all he text was a smiley face 3 times.... no words or anything .... he is so confusing ... he didn't even say goodnight like he usually does. I dont know why he distances himself from me either, he says he misses me i know he works a lot but wouldn't he at least be trying to see me more? is it because he is falling for me and he is scared? Keep in mind he is my best friends brother.


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  • I don't think he is confusing. It's been two months of "dating" and already the red flags are there.

    He is telling you that he likes you as a friend and doesn't feel obligated to hang out with you. You hadn't seen him for two weeks before initiating contact and then you end up sleeping together. He has the best of both worlds.