Worried that I am his second choice?

I've met this guy at the end of the last year, truth is I've initiated most of the contact and he then invited me to his place, like every weekend (but no sex). We got to know each other more and more and I started to really like him...but then I felt like something is wrong, that I am running after him, because I called him and he barely called me/initiated calls. So, then I realized he might have something going on with one of his female friends that he had mentioned once. I thought he is not that into me and stopped calling him. But then he started calling me and we started hanging out again and I noticed he kinda changed and looked at me differently. Since then we still meet every weekend, but he calls just in order to make plans for hanging out...although he is definitely more of a shy guy. I just wonder if he just isn't a phone person, or if he isn't really interested in randomly calling sometimes...
The thing is, sometimes he is so sweet to me, he kisses me and he shows interest in me, but after that again, he seems distant...we have talked about getting together, he initiated the convo and said that he likes me. But deep down I feel like I'm his second choice, because I initiated contact in the beginning and I also subtely asked him if he used to like one of his friends and he said yeah, but they've got boyfriends...
I can't tell if it's my intuition telling me I'm just his second choice or if I'm being insecure.
Don't know how to feel about this. He calls me to meet up and he'd be flirty and kinda nervous with me - then again he is distant sometimes. What are the signs that a girl could be just his second choice?


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  • Don't waste your time. Just don't. And NEVER chase. Let him come to you be he doesn't even deserve you for being rude like that.