Modern dating... I'm not sure how to interpret this dating senario?

I have come out of a ten year marriage 5 months ago, the marriage should have ended years ago and I had probably checked out of a long time ago.

Roll forward I decided to attend a speed dating lunch time event to meet people male and female in a restaurant where we all sat and chatted our good food and wine.

Now being tall and blonde I have a certain presence but I was very nervous. This guy walks in shorter but something about him.

He sits opposite but not directly and after a few minutes I notice an accent, the same accent from the country I am from. We start talking, I feel bad for the other ladies. After the event 5 of us stayed and drank wine. This guy is up front and asks me if I would consider dating a shorter man. Of course I found funny, sexy I had no problem dating a man shorter than me.

So we leave with another person go to a bar, cocktails following by a bar with life music we danced the night away. We went back to his place. It was great. We had breakfast at a cafe the next day and later on he picked me up for a wonderful date.

He's coming over for dinner tomorrow night. I just am scared of getting emotionally invested.

I don't want to get married again but would love to have the company of someone.

What are you views on his actions...a player or am I having trouble trusting??

We click in every way.


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  • Well, there are no red flags there... but then, you haven't told us much :p

    Go on a few dates, do things you enjoy (yes, you're allowed to enjoy sex if you want to), and have a few of your friends meet him in-person. Ask *them* for their take, whether dating him seems like a good idea. (pick friends with some judgement, eh?) And listen to them.

    Because GaG isn't actually going to meet him :) But having someone outside the relationship can be damn valuable, as you're aware.


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  • Sounds like you are trying to break something that is not broke.

    He asked the question about being shorter which is an issue with many guys who are short. You think too much.

    Be happy.

  • It's hard to say this early in the relationship. Did you two have sex when you went back to his place? That could maybe help determine what kind of guy he is.

    • yes we had sex that night, the following morning and later the following night.
      He has been texting and calling me even though he pre-warned he was not a texter which I'm not fussed about. I feel like I have met him before in my life. I don't have high expectations or want full commitment I just would like my heart to stay in tact a little without appearing aloof.

    • Well, so far that I can tell, things seem good. That doesn't mean it certainly will remain that way, though. I understand you don't want your heart broken. So, I suggest to always keep your guard/head up.

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