Guys, should I continue too pursue and chase him or let him come to me?

I recently went on a second date last weekend with a guy i met online. It was the second time meeting up, we met once last year which went really well, had drinks and went too science museum and it was a really fun date, life seemed too get in the way afterwards and we'd both been busy i was in a relationship which has gone steal and my feelings have gone for that person. He messaged about meeting up again for a drink and a chat about à month ago and so i gave him my number but it seemed like i was the one too constantly be texting him, although he was replying back too me. We had our meet which went amazingly, we had a good day/evening where the conversation was flowing, there was plenty of flirting, lahghter, and touching. Eventually we got a Pizza and movie and ended the night on a really good note, the day after He droped at the bus stop, although he would drove me home if there hadn't been a smell falt with the car, goodbye kisses where exchanged and the talk of another meet and for It too happen again was there. I was the one too text him afterwards too disscus something that Id forgot too mention and it was sorted however he is yet too text me when not In reply too my text and in a way feels like Im chasing him and potioneally pushing for something that may not be there, although he busy a lot with home life with having a child and busy demendaing Job and ex wife. My question is, is he truly interested or does he just want something casual and too get his kicks met? Also should i continue pursewing him text wise and continue too be the first too innate contact and he then reply or should I back off and let him come too me on his own and own his terms and sit back and wait and see if he does come too me or not?


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  • Let him initiate. You shouldn't put in more effort than the other it should be 50/50.

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