Guys, is there a secret weapon to getting guys?

What is the secret to getting guys? I'm clueless!


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  • Yes; Be yourself and make no effort

    Here's the thing. So many people nowadays act like someone they aren't. When they do this, they are only confusing the opposite gender and making it more unlikely that someone will be attracted to them. Many people don't grasp the fact that for someone to truly be attracted to another person, they have to like that person... as a person. But they won't know if they like that person as a person if that person is acting like a different person.

    You will always be most interesting and dynamic- scratch that, you will ONLY be interesting and dynamic if you are being yourself. Because that is what comes naturally.

    If you make any amount of effort to fundamentally change yourself as a person, you are not being true to yourself. Of course, you can always work on your not-so-good qualities, but you should never change the basic components of what make you... you

    Which brings me to the second piece. Make no effort. It really is that simple. If you just act like yourself and make 0 effort to fit in with other people, people will be more interested in you. This is true for all areas of life. Though we want our friends to have similar interests, we also like them for their unique personalities.

    Consider this- if you were to walk up to yourself and start chatting, would you be friends with yourself?

    If the answer is no, you are not being yourself.

    Ask yourself the same question when it comes to relationships

    "Would I date myself"

    So, first and foremost, is be yourself

    There are a few other things you can do as well, to expand the pool of potential partners and make yourself more of a catch (sorry for the fishing anologies)

    -Take care of yourself (exercise, eat right)
    -Dress nicely (I don't know fashion, so I'll leave that to you to figure out)
    -Make a bit extra effort for that extra special someone (special kind of perfume, special outfit, makeup, eyeliner- something extra that will make you stand out)
    Dress true to yourself


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  • There is no secret weapon as you put it.
    It is about being yourself and your physical appearance is usually a pretty good way to attract guys though it should not be everything

  • 1. Be yourself.
    2. Be attractive.
    3. Ask a guy out.

  • yes use poison arrows basically

  • I believe they're called boobs.

    • Although his was more helpful, yours was the funniest!