Feeling really depressed could really use some advice?

Just got rejected by this girl I was really really into. How do you get over feeling like a piece a dog shit? I don't do this kind of thing very often so it tends to take a pretty heavy toll on me.


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  • Do something productive. Build something! or run. What I do is listen to music and go for a run when I feel down. Remember, it is not the end of the world. many people get rejected. I have gotten rejected one time and I felt like my life was over. Don't let it get that way. With time, your heart will heal :) but you can't stay locked up in your room and do nothing about it.

    • Girls don't get rejected

    • I kind of did, well I didn't really ask him out. He just said that he doesn't want a girlfriend ever plus he was moving in less than a month but I still feel like I was rejected.

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  • Chin up buttercup

    • Thanks that really helps

    • Go do something you enjoy just do you, watch a funny movie like someone suggested happy Gilmore or Billy Madison?

    • Hugs!!! It'll get better hun

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  • Hey at least you tried to ask her out.. Fair play to you.
    Don't be so hard on yourself there's so many more girls out there. get out there and meet women, have a positive mind and keep a healthy self esteem and sense of humour your odds of meeting a woman will be very high

    When asking a girl you like out say to yourself in your mind she's already said no so the fear of rejection and the rejection won't feel as painful. Then when she says yes you will be surprised and not expecting it.

  • watch happy Gilmore That shit will cheer you up.

    • 'I saw two fat hairy bikes in the woods of the 17th having sex!!! How am I suppose to chip with that going on doug?'

    • Haha that's the spirit. I've been rejected to bro but I just tell myself she is a stuck up bitch. It usually helos. I used to be self conscience all the time but I kind if stopped giving a fuck about anything. The thing that you should be proud of is that you even went after it.

      "if you want to get anywhere in life you can't be afraid to fail" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

      Just keep on trucking, scientist say a girl will reject a guy 60% of the time. so it's probably has nothing to do with you.

      You seem like a cool guy I don't know why anyone would reject you unless there were a fucking gash.

  • You sound pitiful aren't their any other girls you eyeing Jesus it was just one girl...

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