How do I stop over-thinking?

I'm really good at analyzing most situations. Excuse me, over-analyzing most situations. I do this with almost everything, including people I'm friends with and my love interests. When I'm dating and I get close to a guy enough to open up, I tell them what I do, which is think about everything, including people's every move and why they do what they do. Guys don't seem to like to hear that so much, and get a little weirded out and back away slowly. How do I stop over-thinking so much?


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  • Maybe don't stop overthinking, sometimes analyzing people's moves will help you see their intentions clearer, but stop telling people that you do that haha BUT if that's who you are, and people are getting weirded out when you tell them that that is a part of you, maybe you shouldn't be spending time with people that don't accept you. Someone who truly cares for you is going to love every single one of your quirks <3

    • Hahah, thanks :) sometimes it's obvious because I'll discuss a situation with them and then they get weirded out about how much detail I've put into the situation that was so unimportant.

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    • Awww thank you!

    • Thanks for MHO! :3

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  • I do the SAME thing. If you over think things and tell them what you are thinking too early, it is a turn off. I have been on both ends of this situation. It freaks people out a little bit. Practice some self control and learn to LET GO. Things happen and because we are human we are not meant to understand 100%. Maybe try and wait next time for them to tell you that they like you? Good luck.

    • Yeah, you're right. I gotta chill on the analysis of completely unimportant things, and I'll keep more to myself. I am really good at broadcasting everything lol thanks!

    • its hard to say without knowing the person. i might be giving myself advice but if you like me...

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  • I overthink things all the time as well and honestly sometimes its just exhausting and annoying to hear my mind constantly trying to analyze an action or something someone said. I wish I had a better tip for how to stop but I found sometimes writing my thoughts down it helps me see whats right in front of me (not always but sometimes) and other times I try to play something online. YouTube for example and just keep my mind occupied with something else.

    • I like it. I don't usually write stuff down unless I feel particularly inspired. I'll try filling my time with hobbies more. Sitting around and just thinking isn't always good :)

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