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GF talking to her ex on Facebook. Should I be upset?

So a few weeks ago, my GF ex of 3 years sent her a friend request. She told me about it, and I asked her not to accept it. Saying if it was my ex she would be pissed. She agreed and denied the request, saying later she was glad she did. Keep in mind this guy lives 100's of miles away, is MARRIED, and has a kid.

Well, about a week after that apparently he sent her a message saying that I messaged him telling him to back off and other stuff. I didn't see the message, and she didn't tell me about it until weeks later. I never messaged him and was upset that she didn't tell me about this. I also figured she talked to him after, because why else would she delete the messages. She eventually admitted that she did, but only to be nice and ask about his kid. We got into a huge fight about all of this, and I wanted her to block him. She went to do it and he had already blocked her.

Now she has major trust issues and is always accusing me of cheating. She has gone through my phone and computer on several occasions, and has started fights with evidence she thought she found. I have not cheated on her ever.

So the other night she was acting weird, and secretive. Stayed in the room all night on Facebook. I tried to ignore it but I ended up checking her Facebook messages, and there was a message from him on there. Even though she is blocked on her computer somehow he can still message her on there... It didn't say anthing bad, but it was obviously him replying to something she asked him, saying that he won't be a stranger and they just don't talk anymore. She never replied to him, but she has obviously been deleting his messages since that was the only one on there.

I brought it up this morning and she was embarassed and apologized for replying to him, and said she didn't want to tell me because I would get mad. Then she made me breakfast to try and sweeten me up. I pretended it was ok, but I am still upset she is
GF talking to her ex on Facebook. Should I be upset?
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