Guys, have you ever dated military women (women who were soldiers, marines, etc.)?

If so, what was your experience with military service women? Was she a sweetheart? What she rude?

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  • I haven't dated them, because I've worked allong side them and know better.

    Obviously, there are sure to be exceptions, but from my experiece, the types of women the army usually seems to attract are not the sort I'd normally date. Saddest of all is that when a sweet and attractive woman does join the millitary, they are pressured by their peers to become more vulgar. An attractive girl in the army is given so much crude attention by male soldiers, that if she hadn't liked vulgarity and blunt sexual atrention to begin with, she will likely have adapted to accept it as to survive the army environment without standing out and being labeled as a prude.

    I speak of what I personally witnessed in the enlested army, but not necessarily of the officer corp, or of other branches of the millitary. Also, I would not he surprsed if others have differing observations than mine.

    • I see, I ask because there's this woman in my one of my college courses who was just recently discharged from the US Army and for some reason, she seems to have developed some feelings towards me after the first day of class introducing each other, judging by how she was recently behaving around me. As a guy who was once in AFJROTC in High School, I honestly still don't know how real military women are generally like towards men when it comes to relationships. Not trying to generalize that military women are desensitized (no compassion and more insensitive), masculated women who forgot how to become like normal women again and completely lost all of their feminity or anything but I was just curious.

    • Yeah. If you have a particular girl in mid you want to know about, your best bet is to talk to her personally. I know military culture does have a strong influence on people, but the best way to know about her in particular is to talk to her obviously.

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  • Just like women in general, every "military woman" is going to be different. Some are nice, some are mean. They probably stand up for themselves and are confident

  • That's classified information